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We are a full-service literary agency committed to assisting writers, authors and artists with contract negotiations, foreign sales, and Film or TV adaptation and franchise agreements.


Whatever You Want It to Be

What we do at Continental Publishing House, LLC., goes well beyond merely relaying your tale. We represent works for readers of all ages and are devoted to developing the careers of authors from a comprehensive selection of backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences. In elevating the chances of authors on their traditional publication path, we offer services that heighten their work to its full potential. We seek to provide the gold standard of representation. Highlighting our team’s creativity, diversity and innovation.

Bringing diverse perspectives to the forefront of literature with uncompromising quality and simplicity.


It’s easy to write an engaging and entertaining book until publishing it all by yourself. With Continental Publishing House, LLC, you will be working with professionals who will guide you all throughout the processes, from designing, editing, promoting, advertising, to marketing.


We strive to provide authors with high-quality results. We won’t stop working until we achieve your desired output and goals.


We support any author from different walks of life. We will get to your requests and answer your queries as soon as we receive them.


Your literary masterpiece is your passion. We treat our clients, the authors, and their work, with respect and understanding.

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